Ceramic Armor, SAPI Plates and Tile

High Energy Absorption Combined with Light Weight: DIAMONITE™ Structural Ceramics has been an integral part in both military and civilian armor systems. When designed into a complete armor system, CerCo Structural Ceramics utilize planned material fracture to rob the projectile of energy. This system is, in many cases, more cost-efficient than an all-metal or all-fabric system.

Consistent Quality: Ultrasonic testing by independent laboratories has confirmed that CerCo's 99.5% alumina is more consistent and contains significantly fewer internal defects than competing materials.

Flexibility: CerCo can fabricate virtually any shape energy absorber, which optimizes coverage while minimizing weight.

Applications Engineering Assistance: Expert engineers are ready to assist you when integrating CerCo Structural Ceramics into your design. For more information call: 330-567-2145.