Fluid Handling

Fluid Handling Applications

Chemical Resistance: The chemical inertness of CerCo Structural Ceramics makes them a top choice for applications involving corrosive or erosive fluids. CerCo's ZIRMONITE® 200, ZIRMONITE® 1000, and alumina ceramics are extremely versatile and are used to form nozzles, orifices, pumps and seal faces, plungers, seats, meter bearings, hydraulic and pneumatic control components, and fluid meter components.

Chemical and Thermal Stability: Components machined to extremely tight tolerances (millionths of an inch in some cases) maintain fit even after conditions change. By maintaining this precision, CerCo Structural Ceramics insure that parts do not leak and that orifice flow rates are maintained.

Gas and Light Tight: CerCo Structural Ceramics do not absorb water, are gas tight (using a helium mass spectrometer test), and can be used for hermetic seal applications.

Applications Engineering Assistance: Expert engineers are ready to assist you in answering your questions, designing your prototypes, or scaling up for large volume output. For more information call: 330-567-2145.