Ceramic Ball Valve Components

Wear, Corrosion, and Thermal Solutions for your Processing Equipment Challenges

Solution Providers: CerCo LLC manufactures ceramic ball valve components to customer specifications in many formulations for solving various highly abrasive, and/or highly corrosive fluid-handling applications. Diamonite® alumina, zirconia, or silicon nitride formulations can increase the working life of process equipment wherever wear, corrosion and thermal problems shorten the life of ball valves. Components we manufacture for valve sizes 1/4" through 6" and larger include: 1/4 Turn ball valves, Seats, Bushings, Thrust washers, Check valve balls, Wear tubes, Plugs, Plungers

The Material Difference: Because CerCo ceramic ball valve components are chemically and thermally stable and machined to precise tolerances, they maintain better fit than plastic composite materials at temperatures exceeding 600°F (315°C). By maintaining precise fit under changing chemical and thermal and thermal conditions, CerCo ceramic ball valve components prevent leakage and insure that orifice flow rates are maintained. Zirmonite® zirconia-based ceramic is rare-earth stabilized and offers higher strength than traditional magnesia-based zirconia ball valve components. SN-100 is available for applications involving temperatures up to 1800°F (980°C). Our 99.5% alumina is CerCo's most chemically inert and acid-resistant formulation.

Potential Applications Include: Handling of: coal; limestone; fly ash; salt; kaolin pulp; ferric chloride; titanium dioxide; chromic acid chlorine; sulfite crystals; sludge; acetic acid; and bromine.

Process Industries Served:

  • Mining and Minerals
  • Paper
  • Coatings
  • Chemicals
  • Pharmaceuticals

Whether we can adapt an existing product or develop a new one for your need, you can count on CerCo Structural Ceramics. For more information on the following applications call (330) 567-2145.