Dielectric Strength: DIAMONITE™ Structural Ceramics have been a material of choice for high-voltage insulators for over 60 years. They have been proven in applications including ignition components, power tubes, feedthroughs, rectifier housings, standoffs and ion chamber envelopes. The suitability of CerCo Structural Ceramics for insulation lies in their dielectric strength, which is over 200 volts per mil. And, unlike other dielectric materials, CerCo Structural Ceramics do not absorb moisture or degrade over time. This stability ensures that dielectric properties are maintained indefinitely.

Low Loss for Microwave Applications: For applications requiring microwave transparency, CerCo has developed a ceramic material with exceptional purity and low intrinsic loss. Our specially formulated 99.5% alumina has been proven in both analog and PCS cellular telephone resonator cavity standoffs. The exceptionally high Q value of this material allows greater latitiude in system design and more forgiving tolerances for other system components.

Durability: Resistance to the elements, corrosive attack, spark erosion, and moderate physical abuse make them an excellent choice for high voltage applications. CerCo can offer surface treatments such as glazing or Teflon" to provide further protection.

Resistance to High Temperatures: CerCo Structural Ceramics are designed for continuous-use temperatures in excess of 2000°F.

Applications Engineering Assistance: Expert engineers are ready to assist you when integrating CerCo Structural Ceramics into your design. For more information call: 330-567-2145.