Mechanical Wear

High Hardness: Excellent resistance to sliding wear and abrasion makes CerCo Structural Ceramics an ideal choice for components such as bearings, computer tape guides, gages and gage blocks, measuring devices, wire dies, automotive components, knife sharpeners, paper processing elements, textile guides and other engineered wear parts.

Durability: Relatively high fracture toughness and strength. In fact, Zirmonite material is so tough that hammers made from it have been used to drive nails.

Thermal Stability: CerCo Structural Ceramcics maintain their wear-resistant qualities and dimensional stability at temperatures ranging from -50°F to +2000°F. With 200° Centigrade thermal shock resistance, CerCo's aluminas can withstand the heat which results from friction in many industrial applications.

Applications Engineering Assistance: Expert engineers are ready to assist you in answering your questions, designing your prototypes, or scaling up for large volume output. For more information call: 330-567-2145.